Cafe at igigi General Store Brighton

Although this was a little bit further along western road than I would usually walk in my usual 1 hour lunch break, I can certainly say it was worth it, I only wish I had a little longer to take everything in, in what I can only describe as a Provencal oasis.

I’ve known about igigi general store for a few years now and I remember it was the elegant staircase, which was import from France that first caught my eye. From these stairs and away from the beautiful homewares in the iGigi general store is a fantastic little coffee shop serving a range of exceptional cakes, silky lattes, ‘proper’ pork pies and lunch bits including homemade soup, meat and cheese platters and afternoon teas with clotted cream and jam!

This place is definitely worth checking out.

What I ordered:

Skinny Latte

Homemade Asparagus Soup with bread




Lovely wooden furniture, and the back of the café looks onto a lovely decked area with plants.


Why can’t everyday be an igigi lunch day….? I love this place.


31a Western Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1AF, Tel: 01273 728160



Barcombe Nurseries Veg – Brighton

I’ve been visited these boys for a good few months now, and it’s only a shame they aren’t here in the week as well, as their organic fruit and vegetables, grown at the Barcombe nursery, just outside of Lewes, are wonderful and taste as they should.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, peppers, aubergine

Veg with mud on and no unnecessary packaging

Roasted Chestnuts – and an awesome van!

Do you remember the last time you smelt tomatoes that actually reminded you of green houses? Well this van come stall, which trades on Saturdays from Brighton’s Upper Gardner Street (North Laine) offers all the seasonal and organic produce you’ll ever need, plus, you can give your conscious an easy time by supporting local independent business.

Obviously the range of produce is dependent upon the season, but it’s always reasonably priced so get there early!


Barcombe Nurseries also offer an organic box delivery scheme with vegetable boxes starting at £8, fruit boxes at £5 and organic eggs at £1.30 per half dozen. Call 01273 400 011 for more info.


Fruit and Veg as it should taste. Recommended.

Barcombe Nurseries, Mill Lane, Barcombe, Nr. Lewes. Tel: 01273 400 011

Red Veg Brighton

Situated on Gardner Street, in the very heart of the North Laine, Red Veg – a vegetarian/ vegan fast food chain – provided a must needed retreat from the hectic crowds.

Offering veggie burgers (with a range of sauces), pesto frusili, Greek salad wraps, veggie hotdogs, falafel and an extensive range of sides, ‘Red Veg’ certainly sticks two fingers up at its larger American ‘meaty’ rivals – a point only exemplified by the Russian inspired colour scheme and images hanging on each wall.

Although it is not the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant, the food is certainly flavoursome, with real salad and unsalted chips. You can also choice from a range of Organic sodas and juice boxes, to eat in or take away.

What I ordered:
– Regular Falafel
– Medium Fries

Price: £6.00

Join the revolution! Refreshingly tasty fast food – that certainly fills a hole. I will be back to sample the burgers for sure.

Contact: Red Veg. 21 Gardner Street, Brighton, Bn1 1UP. Tel: 01273 679910

Red Veg on Gardener Street

Outstanding Falafel and chips…

Inside Red Veg

Red Veg Propoganda

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China Garden Brighton

At the foot of Preston street, China Garden is a restaurants I’ve walked passed countless times yet I never actually ventured in, choosing instead to visit the red fronted China China a number of doors up the street.

However, and if you’ve eaten in China China you’ll appreciate what I’m saying, Chinese food has been somewhat tainted, at least in my opinion, with an association of sweet and sticky dishes, which can sometimes leave you uncomfortably food. The decision to visit the slightly more expensive China Garden was born out of the idea of putting this opinion to rest, and after getting the take away home, I was pleasantly surprised.

Outstanding aromatic duck with, for once, enough pancakes to use everything up, juicy prawns, which actually taste like prawns and egg fried rice, which has actually seen more than one egg.

China Garden is a breath of fresh air and although only my first visit, I’ll certainly be returning

What we ordered:

Quarter Crispy Aromatic Duck £9.95

Crispy Seaweed £4.95

Sweet and Sour King Prawns £9.80

Chicken with Cashew nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce £7.80

Egg fried rice £3.95

Price: £36.45 for two

Extras: Free prawn crackers on takeaway orders… Plus a pianist and dance floor for those dining in the restaurant.

Verdict: Perhaps one of the best Chinese take aways in Brighton promising fresh and tasty dishes… but don’t be put off by the somewhat expensive menu as it’s certainly worth paying that bit extra.

Contact: China Garden, 88 – 91 Preston Street, Brighton, BN1 2HG Tel: 01273 325065

Crispy Aromatic Duck and Pancakes
Crispy Seaweed
Sweet and Sour Prawns
Chicken with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce.
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Wagamama Brighton

Although Wagamamas could be likened to Mc Donald’s, this contemporary and largely westernised Japanese chain has received a good reception in Brighton, and it makes a great addition to this part of the North Laine, which has seen the development of the city library, a new hotel and a range of other ‘chain’ restaurants.

Dining in Brighton’s Wagamama’s is like being in a contemporary canteen, perhaps even reminiscent of the school dinner hall, with its rows of benches, sloping ceiling, open-air kitchen on one side and floor to ceiling windows on the other.

Operating a “we’ll bring both your starters and main to your table when it’s ready” you might find you’re eating your main course whilst your partner is still on their drink – but at least you can be sure your food will be hot.

This place can and does get extremely busy, particularly at weekend, so be prepared to queue. 

What we ordered:

– Seafood Ramen (Japanese soup with squid, tiger prawns, fish, spring onions and bamboo shots) £9.00

– Chicken Katsu Curry (Breaded chicken and rice with curry sauce) £7.75

– (steamed Soya beans with salt) £3.50

– Sprite £3.70


£23.90 for two


Wagamamas usually have a range special offers and money off vouchers, so be sure to check their website and the local press, particularly The Argus newspaper.


Fresh fast food, friendly staff and reasonably priced – however if you were looking for authenticity, I would perhaps looks elsewhere.


Wagamama Brighton, The Argus Building, Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ. Tel: 01273 688 892, Web: 

 Seafood Ramen from Wagamama Brighton

Seafood Ramen

Edamame from Wagamama Brighton 


Chicken Katsu Curry from Wagamama Brighton 

Chicken Katsu Curry

 Seafood Ramen from Wagamama Brighton

Seafood Ramen 

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Akash Tandoori Restaurant Brighton

I love a good Indian take away, especially after a few drinks the night before and so I found myself on Brighton’s Preston Street – a true haven for those looking for choice with restaurants, cafés, takeaways, pubs or bars occupying almost every address on the street.

But I knew what I was looking for, and with this probably my 10th visit, I knew it would not disappoint.

Akash is a small, and appears to be family run, Tandoori restaurant in Brighton serving up everything you would expect from their extensive menu including Tandoori chicken, Tikka Massalla, Vindaloo, Biriani and Bhoona Dishes, which are available both to ‘sit in’ or take away. The staff – in my opinion – are possibly one of the friendliest in the city and even when it’s busy I’ve never had to wait long.

What I ordered:

The menu really is endless, but you have to excuse my choice – sticking with the rather unadventurous Chicken Tikka Massalla, but this is not to say it was lacking in flavour.

As I wondered into the video shop with my takeaway I could sense people around me prodding one another and contemplating getting a curry today as the amazing sweet and spicy almond aromas escapes from the bag.

In addition to the chefs Special Chicken Tikka Massalla, which came with special pilaw rice, I also ordered a Peshwari Nash.




– Free home delivery for Brighton & Hove (on orders over £15)

– All major credit/ debit cards accepted.


 Flavoursome, excellent value and a perfect fresh Naan bread!


Akash Tandoori Restaurant, 26 Preston Street, Brigthon, East Sussex, Tel: 01273 324 494 / 820213


Outstanding Naan Bread. 

Am I the only one who eats the onion salad?
Akash 1

Akash Tandoori Restaurant

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Moments Cafe Brighton

Situated on Brighton’s busy North street – with double-decker buses thundering by- I was dubious as to whether the decision to stop for a peaceful bite to eat in this part of town was a good one, particularly with the close proximity of a major fast food chain– was this a good area to eat good food? I can now, confidently, say yes.

Moments Café offers a blend of healthy and hearty food including the most amazing stews and casseroles, with a choice of brown rice or mashed potatoes whilst real coffees, organic sodas, fresh juices and smoothies ensure your thirst is quenched.

Split over two levels; with a ‘very cosy’ heated outdoor terrace Moments Cafe is oh so hippy. With chunky wooden tabletops, baskets of fruit, miss-match paintings adorning the walls and recycling bins for all to see it’s a relaxing and welcoming place.

Attracting a real mix of diners – from students to health conscious ‘40 something’s – it hard to pigeon hole or categorise, but I can certainly see why they come with the food more than speaking for itself.

What I ordered:Pumpkin Stew with riceWhole Earth Sparkling Elderflower Soda


What else was on the menu:– A range of filled Paninis (£2.95)- Egg Benedict, (£2.95)- Lamb Stew with mash potatoes (£4.95)- Meat balls (£4.95)- Stuff aubergine (£4.95)- Mezze plate (£4.95)- Goats cheese tart (£4.95)- Mussels with garlic bread (£3.95)- Chicken, leek and mushroom stew (£4.95)

Extras:Free wireless Internet.

Verdict:Attentive and friendly staff, excellent value healthy food and bang in the city centre.

Contact:Moments café, 60 North Street, Brighton, East Sussex – Tel: 01273 774 138

Moments Cafe

Wholefood Cafe

Moments Cafe

Smoothies, sodas, Ice tea, fresh fruit and salads.

Moments Cafe

Downstairs at Moments Café

Moments Cafe

A range of Panini’s


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