Barcombe Nurseries Veg – Brighton

I’ve been visited these boys for a good few months now, and it’s only a shame they aren’t here in the week as well, as their organic fruit and vegetables, grown at the Barcombe nursery, just outside of Lewes, are wonderful and taste as they should.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, peppers, aubergine

Veg with mud on and no unnecessary packaging

Roasted Chestnuts – and an awesome van!

Do you remember the last time you smelt tomatoes that actually reminded you of green houses? Well this van come stall, which trades on Saturdays from Brighton’s Upper Gardner Street (North Laine) offers all the seasonal and organic produce you’ll ever need, plus, you can give your conscious an easy time by supporting local independent business.

Obviously the range of produce is dependent upon the season, but it’s always reasonably priced so get there early!


Barcombe Nurseries also offer an organic box delivery scheme with vegetable boxes starting at £8, fruit boxes at £5 and organic eggs at £1.30 per half dozen. Call 01273 400 011 for more info.


Fruit and Veg as it should taste. Recommended.

Barcombe Nurseries, Mill Lane, Barcombe, Nr. Lewes. Tel: 01273 400 011